Jolie Brise in Canada

A crew of Dauntsey’s pupils have recently departed for Canada to join Jolie Brise in Gaspé in the Gulf of St Lawrence to participate in the Rendez-Vous 2017 Canadian Guest Ports Programme.

They will be setting sail shortly to cruise with the other vessels in the Tall Ships fleet, stopping at various ports and anchorages as the make their way to Québec City. The area is famous for an amazing variety of marine wildlife so the crew are hoping to spot whales and dolphins as they go.

A huge fleet will be gathering in the St Lawrence River over the next week with over 40 vessels, from all over the world, expected to sail into Québec City on 18 July. Several days of celebrations will follow with fireworks, crew parades, parties and street performances to enjoy before the crew head home and hand over to the next group of pupils.

Please click on image to follow the fleet

The next leg of the journey will see Jolie Brise sail back down the St Lawrence river, visiting various ports en route, cutting inside Prince Edward Island and then between Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia, via Port Hawkesbury and then into Halifax.

After the festivities in Halifax and another change of crew, Jolie Brise will compete in the final race of the RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta sailing across the North Atlantic cutting across the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current to a finish line in the English Channel off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

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