Round the Island Race 2016

On Saturday 2 July, Jolie Brise and her crew from Dauntsey's joined over 1,700 yachts and 16,000 sailors for one of the biggest sailing events of its kind in the world - the Round the Island Race. (Off-board photos taken by Tom Garside)

The sun was shining but the wind created some unusually testing conditions. Despite this, only a small number of the fleet retired from the race. Most competitors – some of whom saw gusts to almost 40 knots – successfully completed the course.

Our crew did choose to retire early this year as summed up in skipper Toby’s tweet “JB Round Island Race, had to retire at the end otherwise the crew were going to miss summer ball and mutiny!!!”

Schedule for Summer Holiday cruises for Dauntsey's pupils

Friday 8 July – Sunday 24 July (16 days)
Antwerp, Belgium to Lisbon, Portugal

Sunday 24 July to Monday 8 August (15 days)
Lisbon, Portugal to Baiona, Spain via Cadiz

Friday 5 August – Saturday 20 August (15 days)
Baiona, Spain to Dartmouth, UK

Saturday 20 August – Saturday 27 August (7 days)
Dartmouth to Hamble

Saturday 27 August – Tuesday 6 September (11 days)
Hamble to Hamble, via Weymouth & the Channel Islands
For full details please see Sailing Programme on Jolie Brise website

Follow the 'Jolie Brise' live

With the help of our Yellowbrick tracker on board you are now able to follow Jolie Brise and find out exactly where she is and where she has been. Her position is updated and plotted on an interactive map approximately every 4 hours. Click on the yellow balloon on the map for details of her current course and speed.
Alternatively you can follow her on the Marine Traffic site
Further information about The Tall Ships Races 2016 can be found on the Sail Training International website